Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bringing sexy back

When I was a kid, raising the question in school of what was the most awesome fighter plane ever would have brought about heated discussion between the powerful F-14 Tomcat, the nimble F-16 Falcon, or the fast F-15 Eagle, with perhaps the delusional foreign exchange student from Krasnoyarsk whimpering something about a 'Megg thayerty whon' before being told to shut his commie face. Mentioning the Supermarine Spitfire at the time would have probably invited a punch to the nuts, unless one of the beasty boys had ever layed eyes on one of these British beauties.

If you throw sexy into the criteria of awesomeness, the Spitfire would rise to the top of the stack. Damn, that plane is gorgeous.

Clicky the linky here to see an audio slideshow about some wonderful British folk who restore the Spitfire so that rich yahoos can either fly them, or pay someone else to. The price tag on a restored plane will set you back $2 - $3 Million big ones, which is a drop in the bucket next to the going rate of a F-18 Hornet these days.

If I were a wealthy entrepreneur, I would buy one of these in a heartbeat and learn to fly. I might even pick up eight Browning 1919 machine guns for like $30 bucks from my local gun show to bring the plane up to its full authenticity, which would serve to keep the icky guns out of the hands of the local Mexican drug cartels who buy them up with impunity.

Flying sexy fighters and saving the children is what it's all about!


Nancy R. said...

I love, Love, LOVE the Spitfire!

Unknown said...

Hell yeah. I can't believe something so beautiful came from the mind of a man. R. J. Mitchell should have been given a peace prize, 72 virgins, and 1,000 pony rides for crafting that deadly work of art. Simply amazing.