Monday, February 9, 2009

Shootout in Texas

I just found this video from Live Leak of a bank robber being shot to death by a security guard. Do note the tellers who are trapped and at the mercy of the gunman before they escape to relative safety.

It is not known if the dreaded "Gun Free Zone" signs were posted on the door - I can't imagine why this guy would roll the dice and risk a trespassing charge - but I am operating under the assumption that they were.

From what I can tell, the teller closest to the screen notices the threat at 2:05:40, and the SWAT Team doesn't show up on camera until 3:52:09, which means that the tellers were hiding defenseless in the back room for just under an hour before the cops even got within sight of the gunman's body.

Still think being unarmed in a bank is a great idea?

On the other hand, how bad would that have hurt if the gunman had been alive when hit by the responding SWAT Teams flashbang?!?!

Found via Ernie's House of Whoop Ass. ****DEFINITELY NSFW**** - but a cool place to visit.

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