Friday, February 13, 2009

In the cradle of freedom. . .

. . witness the decline of humanity.
Cardozo High School looked like a police substation Wednesday thanks to all the men and women in blue patroling the area after Tuesday's outbreak of fighting.
Yes, this would be in DC: the capitol of the most powerful country in the world. This is where our ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice are supposed to be at their most influential.

I can't even understand what most of the people interviewed are saying. And notice that one guy doesn't even want to be seen on camera. My only guess is that he's concerned for his safety in front of a high school in our nations capitol!
I desperately want to move my family to Wyoming.


Anonymous said...

This was priceless:

"[unintelligible] they make it so erebody go to clase, do dis, do dat, aaand - its ridiculous."

It's "ridiculous" to be made to go to class*? To follow the rules?

I guess they aren't normally expected to do those things.

Witness the primacy of the educational system in the seat of power of the civilized world.

[shakes head in wonder]

*I'm assuming the ebonic term "clase" translates into "class" in English. I'm not sure because I'm not bilingual.

Unknown said...


I lost the motivation to even try to translate what she was saying.

Every year that city falls apart little bit faster, and I don't think it will last too much longer. And to think that our government wants to cast two Senate seats to DC - I guess so that two more political elitists can have a part-ay all up in dat peece!