Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good riddance

A teenager who committed two armed robberies in Stafford County in a week was ordered this week to spend 231/2 years in prison.

In Stafford Circuit Court, Naser Mihailovic, 18, received a total of 691/2 years with 46 years suspended.

Mihailovic robbed a man at gunpoint in England Run on Jan. 24 of last year, then held up two people a week later after following them home from a Spotsylvania restaurant.

They don't have much sympathy for scumbags around here, and he didn't even fire a shot. This sentence is straight from the judge; the jury didn't get to recommend a sentence because he was 17 when he committed the crime. If there is a next time, he'll get a longer sentence that won't be suspended. Notice as well that he is still facing more charges elseware.

His mother is pretty pissed. Boo hoo.

Mihailovic's mother was escorted from the courtroom after she screamed out, "You can't do that judge," once the sentence was announced.

Judge John Alderman's sentence Tuesday exceeded the state sentencing guidelines, which called for a maximum penalty of just under 16 years.

Prosecutor Andrea McCauley had argued that Mihailovic deserved a longer sentence. "He earned every day and then some," she said.

As far as I'm concerned, it's only a matter of time before he gets bold enough to kill someone.

Again, good riddance.


Anonymous said...

Mihailovic said Cody Lee Copeland and Michael Mittura did it. Those two blamed Mihailovic. Why didn't they just put the 3 in front of the victims and ask if they recognized any of them? They are all liars, why trust any of their testmony? I would have liked that opportunity for my own piece of mind.

Anonymous said...

Mihailovic was only 17 at the time of crime. The other two were much older and they gave him orders to do what he did. Then both pleaded guilty and testified against Mihailovic. They both got much less sentence and even one got the youth program to service a max of 4 years and he was 20 years at that time. The judge gave Mihailovic harsh sentence beyond what the state guide line called for. Overall that is not justice. I believe personally both the judge and prosecutor conspired again a 17 years boy by giving him more time just because of his nationality and religious background. I believe the case should be reviewed again by true judicial authority to see if the law was followed according to the state and federal constitutions and there was no biased and hate against Mr. Naser Mihailovic.