Tuesday, February 10, 2009

. . .and behold a High horse:

and his name that sat on him was Jim Newell, and Smell followed with him.

Gun haters are so ignorant it defies description.

Huge, Fancy Shooting Range To Open in Virginia
Largest range in country to teach citizens how to shoot

Wow. The rest of this trash is identical in tone.

On a day when another major local headline is, "Va. Tech Shootings Archive Now for Public Viewing," some impeccably time-conscious citizens of Virginia tell the Washington Times they are prepared to open "the largest shooting range in the country" this week in Ashburn.
"Time conscious" huh? It's almost like he believes that there's something evil going on here, like the former Soldiers and federal agents that make up the staff of the Silver Eagle Group are so incompetently evil that they deliberately picked an arbitrary day to open their facility, instead of opening it on the day of the VA Tech massacre happened; a massacre of defenseless students in a school just like the one these guys will teach you how to survive in.

What, exactly, is your point?

Because the facility announced that it "is set to open this week" on the same day as NBC News announced the public release of a report from an incident that happened 22 months ago, we're supposed to think that there's some sort of intent? The information isn't even available online yet, so was the opening premature?

Get a freaking grip!

There's not even a hint of rationality in the whole thing as the author believes that everyone who wants firearm training is a lunatic (including military and law enforcement), and learning how to clear your house means that you really think that Al-Qaeda might break in at any moment.

The range's owners will "focus on helping residents, members of the military and police officers protect themselves in schools, homes and other real-life situations." Hmm.

It appears that we can edit this sentence to say this simply by removing a few cumbersome words: "... focus on helping residents ... protect themselves in schools." With guns, that is!

What a dipshit. To think that NBC News lets this retard write stuff is the reason why I only look to mainstream for material to mock.

Note to you gun haters: you might want to police up your idiots every now an then to ensure that you don't look so stupid. We realise that you are mostly just misguided, but having people like this on board makes you loose your credibility.

Update: Found a second piece of trash at NBC News!

Just so there's no confusion, this is the face of media bias. Now that I've found two erronious and blatantly biased articles at NBC in fifteen minutes, how do I believe anything that they report? Do you think they get anything right on other subjects that you might be familiar with?

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