Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another law enforcement imposter

Another victim that complied without question.

Stafford Sheriff's spokesman Bill Kennedy said the girl was driving in the area of Hope Road and Walker Way about 6 p.m. when a "police-style" vehicle pulled her over.

The vehicle had red flashing lights on the front and rear dashes, Kennedy said.

The suspect, who was not wearing a law enforcement uniform, asked the victim for her license and registration and asked her where she had been.

I didn't have time to cover this from yesterday, but again I point out that you should treat any interaction with law enforcement - especially if they're not in uniform or not in a marked cruiser - with some amount of question. Don't be a dick, but do maintain a sense of observation and vigilance.

Personally, I do not pull over for unmarked cars. If that ends up pissing some state trooper off, too bad. It's nothing personal, but my safety is my concern.

I don't see how using unmarked cars is sensable anyways. An unmarked black Impala running radar on the side of I95 is not inconspicuous or covert, however, John Q. Public also drives Impalas, Crown Vics, and Chargers, so thinking that I should pull over anyways doesn't sit well with me. I'll maintain a safe speed until a marked cruiser pulls up behind me because I don't want to be shot by some imposter with a blue light in his Caprice.

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