Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I don't live in DC

In 1995 Stove lost her first son Clarence to murder. In 1999 she says her husband was beaten to death in a robbery and now this.
Her other son was gunned down in a drive by shooting yesterday. I could never imagine what this woman has gone through or what she is feeling right now. Watch the video and have your heartstrings pulled on.

I will never live in a major city; especially DC. My father worked there for years and has too many stories to tell. This type of violence is so common place that is it is almost expected.

As for this article, Writer Paul Wagner throws this in there:
The District’s homicide rate is still very low.
Uh huh. Compared to what? Afghanistan? That's not very helpful Paul.

DC needs some new leadership that doesn't promote violence and victimhood. I wonder when the citizens are going to wake up and make that happen.

Update: Another Gun Blog points out that DC's crime rate in 2007 was 1,414.3 per 100,000; not anywhere close to being low. I mean, holy smokes! To compare, Virginia's was 269.7 per 100k in 2007. Virginia has 13 times the population, is 629 times the size, and doesn't even have twice as many murders.
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