Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kids these days

They have no respect for the law:

Taylor says the party was full of 14-year-old kids. She says gun fire erupted after some kids became angry while getting pushed as they were dancing.

"They were angry because one of the kids got hit by another person, and he got knocked out. So, they got mad and started shooting, and one of them backfired on me," said Taylor.

Dammit!! Why doesn't someone make guns illegal for teenagers to carry in the city? It's common sense!! Jeez.

Getting backfired on sucks people! Guns is not the answer!

And I absolutely love how this comment, from "ihatevernonandtheentirehumanrace55," sums up everything I think about major cities like Chicago:

"crazy men from the north side come south and done this."

Read the name of the poster again, and then read what he/she said. Seriously, that made my morning right there.

Notice the "55" at the end of that handle? Raise your hand if you think it's hilarious knowing that out there somewhere there are 55 other morons who are stupid enough to use that jacked up name!

Update: Man, you've just gotta watch the video. There's a sign there on the street right next to the house that clearly says NO to things like "playing ball" and "dealing drugs." Take a wild guess what's not on the sign. . . .NO GUNS!! Well all this silliness can now be fixed with the quick change of the sign. Problem solved.

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