Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ever wanted to know how to assemble your grandpappy's M1 Garand?

Head on over to Captain of a Crew of One for an illustrated step-by-step guide. There's even a post on disassembly if you're interested. SailorCurt put in a ton of effort into making those posts, and they are quite detailed.

Unfortunately, I don't own an M1. . . yet.


Tam said...

You don't own an M1?

Don't you feel... I don't know... a little incomplete?

(WV: "dionsus". HAL forgot the "Y".)

Unknown said...

Sure do. . .I've been window shopping for an M1 at CMP for years. Money holding me up.

Funny you should drop by; I was just laughing at the White Wedding vid on you site!