Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NBC 4 writers are now gun policy experts

The VRE overturned their ban on the lawful carry of firearms on trains, and, not knowing how to deal with this news or even what it means, NBC 4 writer Mike Tunison writes this steaming pile of poo:
"VRE Operations Board members were less than thrilled with having to make the change, partially because many riders will run afoul of the differing rules across jurisdictions, but also because guns plus big crowds equals disaster."
And Mike would know this not because of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or from knowledgeable experience, but from his expert opinion forged by years of writing for a liberal rag, as well as (I presume) an indoctrination in one of those totally unbiased higher learning institutions.

Think I'm full of it? Check out how he closes this piece:
"Meanwhile, the VRE has nixed discounts to children and the elderly. Probably just as well to get the frail folks who might not be able to take a bullet off the train with all the guns that might be coming aboard."
Pretty disgusting, I'd say. Then again, NBC 4 does have a way of hiring bigoted idiots.
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