Friday, September 4, 2009

Mouse gun accuracy

Went to a local indoor range for some handgun shooting yesterday. My wife has a Kahr PM9 that hasn't been fully broken in yet, and I thought I would put a hundred rounds or so through it to finish the job.

At one point I decided to see how it would group at ten yards. I was running Winchester White Box 115 grainers through it and and turned out this 3/4" five shot group offhand:

There are six holes there as my aiming point was the 9mm bullet hole second from the left. If you take out the far left flyer, which I called due to a rushed shot, the group is about 11mm in circumference. Not bad for a 3" barrel!!

I also put a few rounds out of my wife's post war Walther PPK that acts as my pocket carry gun. I found some Cor-Bon 60 grain rounds in 32 Auto that I wanted to give a try. At ten yards I put five rounds into the X-ring with ease despite the teeny tiny sights. Point of aim is point of impact. The accuracy of that little gun is exceptional as well.

I have no qualms carrying a .32 Auto if I can place rounds exactly where I want them to go. The little blaster is as reliable as a brick too, and I'll take it.

Also, the saga of my 308 tuning is almost complete. Go over to Practical Riflery Forums for my latest post on those efforts. I highly recommend the OCW method of finding the right load for your rifle. It has worked out well for me.
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