Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another 308 problem

Soon I'll test and see if the gas block problem is solved, but this post is about the bullet setback that I had talked about. Last night I tried to chamber some factory ammo so that I could take some measurements of the before and after. The I've written a post on it at Practical Riflery Forums, but I'll post it here:
As far as the factory loads, I measured three of them before loading them in the magazine to see if the depth is affected by chambering the rounds. I dropped the bolt on the first one and here is what I got:

The factory 150 grain Remington Cor-Lokt is stuck on the feed ramp. I realize that I'm getting off topic, and I intend to shoot these rounds this weekend and post a range report, but for right now what in the world do I do about this? I've already polished the feedramps; should I wallow them out with a Dremel and bring them down to where they will feed from the magazine? This is not at all what I expected from a Fulton Armory barrel.

What do y'all think? Should I take a Dremel to my barrel extension?
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