Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your Report Card Doesn't Help

So the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership released its 2007 "report card" which puts Kalifornia as number one in the country, in regards to having the most effective gun control laws. Yeah, how are those laws working out for you? If Kalifornia scored 79 points and their crime rate looks like this, than who the hell came in last and are there any survivors? Check here for violent crime by state for 2006, the most current on record.

I'm not trying to dance in their misfortunes, but Kalifornia has some of the most ridiculous laws mankind has ever devised. The people are all but stripped by law of an effective means of defense outside their homes while the criminal element goes about their day ignoring the same laws and terrorizing the citizens.

Have no fear!! Microstamping is here!!

What is the Kali government going to take away next next? Gasoline? Knives? Paper from skateboarders? The emasculation is almost complete. Gun control sure isn't the solution, so maybe try a little criminal control.
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