Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ya gotta love the U.K.

“Gun woman.” They couldn’t come up with anything more clever? She fired a PELLET gun at a gang and they brand her as a menace.

She said she wanted to deter the gang who she thought had caused her months of harassment, crime and vandalism.

Not having a more effective tool, she resorted to the pellet gun. Good thing those guys didn’t smash her face in. They must have been held back by the ever harsh rule of law, no doubt.

Mrs Walker taught children with behavioural problems at New Park High School in Eccles, Salford, when the gun incident happened.

It was a PELLET gun! "Gun incident" does sound much more intimidating than "woman defends home from gang using pellet gun."

She was jailed for six months for possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, and affray.

Notice it was not a pellet gun, it was a firearm. And why did she get branded as the criminal? I guess to make a statement to the proletariat that self defense will not be tolerated. And the little bastards who gave her so much fear, harassing her with crime and vandalism? I guess they 'Learnt there lesson' too huh? Pathetic.
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