Monday, February 11, 2008

Journalistic Incompetence

Brought to you by The News Leader in Staunton, VA. Discovered by the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

Here we have the typical deception and hysteria that virtually all journalists like to employ against anything gun related:

"Year of the gun
OK, let's get this straight: A year after the deadliest massacre in U.S. history happened on Virginia soil, state legislators are considering a bill that would allow people carrying concealed weapons into bars."
Dancing in the blood of a tragedy? You tell me. What they are not telling you is that it is LEGAL to carry into bars in VA already, as long as you open carry. They also don't mention that VA law prohibits carrying a firearm while drinking...period. The only difference is that this law will allow one to conceal their gun in a bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol to be consumed on premises. Like Olive Garden. It will not let you drink and carry as that is still illegal. Got it? Now check this out:

"The NRA has to be jumping for joy, because, after all, any bill that weakens the control of loaded weapons is a win for their members, right?"

"Tossing back a few whiskeys beside a guy with a .44 Magnum on his hip isn't just a volatile situation — it's a Molotov cocktail."

Ooooh, great word play there! So the gun rights advocates are irrational because they value their rights and are advocating what cops have asked them to do in the past. Wierd! Well then lets just imply that gun owners want to drink in public while carrying a firearm! Good stuff here! This just tells me that they didn't read the legislation but instead chose to make statements based on emotion.

"And no, the man responsible for the massacre at Virginia Tech wasn't in a bar, in fact, there's no evidence that he'd been drinking. He was, however, mentally impaired, and state lawmakers are busy making sure the loopholes of evaluation he slipped through are sealed. We hope, at least. They certainly dropped the ball on the gun show loophole."
So tell me again why you were blood dancing about Virginia Tech at the begining of this rag? It's fascinating to me how journalists have been singing the "gun show loophole" B.S. for decades, yet have not even done a google search. Here, I'll make it easy for you. Last thing:

"After all, if this bill prevails and Virginia returns to its frontier heritage of roughnecks with guns bellying up to the bar, the owners will be left to clean up the bloody mess."

Actually, they can belly up to the bar now, as long as they buy a coke! Didn't you read the bill?

Update: VA law allows one to consume alcohol while open carrying. That should make this law even more important to the anti's because it bars one from drinking while carrying. I know tht alcohol and guns don't mix, but I personally don't see the problem with having a beer or a glass of wine with my wife when I'm out at a restaurant.
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