Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When Will They Finally Learn

Virginia is an open carry state. That is, a non-felon can open carry a firearm without any sort of permission from their government. The only problem with this is the combination of New England liberals who have moved down here from an anti-freedom state like Massachusetts, and cops who don't know the law. These New England liberals have only seen criminals with a gun, so when they see a free man or woman carrying a gun they immediately stain their Jordaches and call the cops.

So an upstanding Virginian citizen decides to open carry because he can. After all, a right not exercised is not a right at all. He is promptly detained. He was very up to date on all laws which was fortunate, and he says the 10 cops that responded were professional, but they tried to manipulate him which is bad. He followed up on this incident with a FOIA and got some results.

The readers digest version brought to you by The Agitator. The full story from the victim is here.

The thing that burns me up is that it keeps happening. I have never been stopped for open carry of a firearm, but I have been harassed for having a knife. I think the Sheriff and his Deputies in my neck of the woods are professional and know the law, but I have serious doubts about the city police. Time will tell.
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