Friday, February 8, 2008

Good Thing She Was Defenseless

A school shooting/stabbing in Ohio. A husband walked into a school with a gun and a knife and stabbed his wife who is a teacher at the school. She almost died. From what I'm reading it doesn't seem like he shot anyone.
PORTSMOUTH, Ohio - A teacher's estranged husband charged into her classroom Thursday morning, firing a gun before stabbing her as her fifth-grade students watched, police said. He later was found dead in his home after apparently shooting himself during a standoff with police.

He must not have known it was a "Gun Free Zone." It's a shame there is no waiting period for shotgun purchases in Ohio or this guy would not have been able to take his own life.

Also of note, the schools security procedures failed. I know, shocking..

Police said they were reviewing surveillance video from the school to determine how Layne entered the building. "The doors are locked. So people can't just walk into the school," said Larry Mullins, spokesman for the county's Emergency Management Agency.
Unless I'm reading this wrong, it would also appear that a cop was present at the school when all of this went down:

We heard gunshots, and we heard her yelling. I was scared," she told WSAZ-TV. "The police officer came and got us and she was still laying there and she was hurt really bad.

Just like I said here, a police officer or any security guard can not guarantee your safety. The "it won't happen here" mantra doesn't work either because as this one person put it:

You think in a small town, a small Christian school, you send your children there to kind of protect them from things like this," Sammons said. "But you just never know when or where things are going to happen.
Be prepared.

Update: The wounded wife, Christi Lane, had a restraining order against her husband, and for what it's worth, an alarm system. The next time someone tells you that such measures will protect you, point them to this.

Years ago I used to install alarm systems in residential homes. They are easily defeated on their own, but can be usefull in combination with other things like a dog (yappy dogs are the best alarm system because they will often let the homeowner know of danger before they even try to enter the house), a gun, and a plan for implementing them together in an emergency. None of this mattered in this situation mind you because the woman was at a school.
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