Friday, February 22, 2008

Paint is harmful in more ways than one

This is just plain old hysterical journalism. They're scared that guns that are not black are dangerous to kids. Notice the frightening angle that is pushed? "Candy colored guns" that are "Hard Core." They insist that police will hesitate thinking that a gun is a toy, or worse, that they will shoot a kid with a real gun that looks like a toy. Yeah, I saw a kid yesterday running around with one of these:

In this surprizingly un-hysterical article, Steve Lauer of Duracoat says it best:
"Kids are in danger when they aren't educated on gun safety."
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has the solution to this madness:
"Bloomberg wants to ban the selling of gun coloration or paint kits to anyone in New York City's five boroughs."
Paint kits? Like this? Great plan chief! Way to bring criminals to their knees!

But they're targeting children! Do children buy a H&K G3 and mail it to Jims Gun Supply for a $250 Duracoat paintjob? Didn't think so. Maybe we should impose legislation to do a background check on all future Rustoleum purchases.
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