Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whoa, dude!

If this Apache pilot had pulled this off it would have been way cool. From the caption, everybody came out of this alive, but I don't know how!

***ETA: I found the Apache video at this thread on ARFCOM, and this video was also on it:

I play inverted :(


Broken Andy said...

So was the guy suppose to come in so low that he would come that close to the building?

MSgt B said...

The rising turn to bleed off airspeed I've seen before.

If he had started the whole thing with more altitude, he probably would have had time to flare into his landing properly

MSgt B said...
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mike's spot said...

if I had a dollar for every time a battlefield 2 or 3 pilot put me nose first into the dirt, I could have bought myself and a few friends a copy of the game.