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The Walking Dead roundup

I just finished up season 2 last night; and believe it or not, my wife and I didn't even start watching the show until early last week, but we're caught up now. There's plenty of reviews and threads out there that cover everything well, so I thought I'd collect some links and drop them off here.

***Spoiler Alert in case you record shows and haven't finished yet. Just a friendly Spoiler Alert here. (Ace of Spades ruined it for me. Thanks jackass!)****

My favorite - College Humor: 10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Should Just Kill Carl. Spot on. I would have had serious words with worthless Lori after the first time that stupid boy went wandering off, and after the sixth or seventh time Lori would be sporting irish sunglasses and both of them would be handcuffed in the basement. I get that boys wander about to do boyish things - I did when I was a boy - but that isn't acceptable behaviour during the zombie apocalypse. Really this one all boils down to poor script writing, in that Carl is only a facilitator to get everyone isolated in small groups in the woods.

Castra Praetoria: The Walkind Dead: There's No Crying In The Zombie Apocalypse and Thoughts On The Walking Dead, Season 2. America's 1stSgt points out that the scavenging and security abilities of the survivors are shit-in-a-brown-bag (thanks, Dad!). All the M16s and M4s laying around haven't been picked up, and the main character's weapon of choice for two whole seasons only holds six rounds. What does that tell you? The gun handling and weapon expertise in general in the show is terrible, and the show's execs need to find a competent firearms trainer and fix it. That would go a long way towards satisfying some of the estimated hundreds of millions of Americans who actually know a thing or two about guns and security.

Cracked: 5 Reasons 'The Walking Dead' Has to Get Better. I especially note the part about Dale; every time he started talking I treated it like it was a commercial. Who cares about morality in the zombie apocalypse? Seeing him ripped apart was such a relief. If the show is going to keep a stockpile of zombiefood characters to add occasional sadness and tension, the least they could do is not let them speak (Carrol). And yes, the farm was a terrible place to film the show.

ARFCOM Walking Dead season 2 thread. This is just for general entertainment. At 230+ pages, there's a lot to read if you're in to that sort of thing.

I didn't read the comic books, but I dig the show. I do think season 2 started to get really dull about halfway through, and hope that somebody does something about the laughable gun handling for the 3rd season. Pity the 2nd season had all those lush fields for someone with an AR rifle and a couple ounces of skill to pick off tons of zombies, and they missed the opportunity because the script writers decided to let Carl wander off for the 19th time. And Lori needs to get eaten, or lose her footing and stumble into a running wood chipper. Seriously, now that Dale is dead, she's hands down the worst character, and on top of that she is now relieved of having to choose between Rick and Shane, meaning that her presence on the show is now pointless. What kind of drama can she drum up now? Her character sucks and she should be the first to go. Even clueless Carrol is capable of picking one dude to want to be with, and mostly keeps her mouth shut.

I do like the zombies though. I'm more in favor of the slow, mindless zombies instead of smart zombies who are quick in their feet. Early into the first season I told my wife that I would have a sword, which means that I would have to make one, probably out of a leaf spring from a car. The cutesy Gerber machete thingies would do fine for one engagement, but there's a reason the Spartans and Romans didn't make their edged weapons out of eighth inch steel - longevity and toughness. If you're going to make it picking off small groups of zombies for months on end, and don't want to attract giant herds with gunfire, you need a substantial piece of hardened steel so you can save your ammo for shooting food. I'd also want a sword for close in encounters that are typical of the show, and not a pistol that holds a finite amount of ammo. That's my take.

***ETA: Check out IMFDB thread on the guns of The Walking Dead. The gun that Sheriff Woody Rick Grimes uses is a Colt Python, and there are also Sigs, Glocks, Brownings, Mossbergs, and a plethora of other guns. I note that T-Dog's Glock is a Glock 19, not a Glock 17. You guys are slippin!!

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