Friday, March 9, 2012

A blow to my community

Some of my earliest memories on this earth were of hearing Brian Strobel on the radio in my dad's truck in the morning while riding in to school. As a young man working to help my dad in the family business, hearing him on the radio while we sweat in the sun was an everyday occurance. We never missed Brian's radio show; in fact, one day while my mom and I were cleaning out dad's old Izuzu pickup to sell it, we tried to change the station from WFLS where dad had set it the day he got the truck, and even though the dial would show different stations coming up, it wouldn't stop broadcasting WFLS. That show was a part of my family for over three decades, and I'm sorry to hear that Brian Strobel was killed; he will be missed.

Farewell, sir. Thanks for the memories!


Broken Andy said...

So they haven't charged the driver who lost control of his truck and struck Strobel on the sidewalk. Why not? If this were an accidental death due to a gun shot, there'd be charges... no doubt about it.

Old NFO said...

Interesting and agree with Andy. It's always sad when you lose someone, even if you didn't personally know them it still hits home.