Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who knew pop videos could be tasteful?

Katy Perry's new music vid leaves out the dancing sluts, doesn't paint the Marine Corps as a bunch of baby killers, and Perry herself doesn't look like she slathered herself in Elmer's Glue and ran around the Hobby Lobby, adorning herself in random shiny things. Some bigshot media exec must have called in sick that day. There's still the weird Horus eye thing near the end though:

I got a kick out of the ARCOM thread on this one, with the Marines picking out the flaws in the video. I say it's a more accurate depiction than anything Hollywood has come out with. Someone showed her how to put cammie face paint on correctly (despite the use of black). Hopefully this is a new trend from the music industry? I doubt it, but whatever.

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Broken Andy said...

"All Women are Created Equal.
Some Become Marines."

Love it!