Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm looking back on an earlier OCW test that I did with 165 grain Sierra Game Kings. Despite having magazine related issues, I did find two fantastic loads for my 308, and I'm starting to get the rifle reloading bug again.

Last weekend or so I had a disappointing range trip with the 308 and 168 grain Federal Gold Medal Match. I blamed the barrel nut for my woes. The next day I chiseled an action block out of two pieces of 2 x 6, which to tell you the truth I could have easily just ordered one from Brownells, but I wanted it that day so that I could take the rifle apart and check the barrel nut.

All seemed well with it, as it was still tight, but I took it off anyways and re tightened it. Now I need to shoot it again to see if it made a difference.

Last night I seated my first round of .380 auto, so I'll be cranking those out like a goon here too. I want to make fifty to start with so that I can get some chrono data and make sure that they won't blow up in my face. Range Report with pics to follow, if I ever get the time to shoot again.
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