Friday, September 17, 2010

Beware of nakedness

A naked D.C. firefighter apparently was caught on camera preparing food for a party in a firehouse.

The photo was supplied to News4 by a source who says complaints have been made by female firefighters and paramedics who were there at the time.
I guess I could see how the female firefighters might not approve, but being the non-offendable person that I am, I just can't see why everyone gets so bent out of shape over some nudity.

Not that I walk around in the buff or anything; I just can't see getting a case of the vapors, fumbling around desperately with the phone to call the cops, my therapist, my pastor, or my bestist friend, all over the sight of genitalia that we all have, and see every day. Well, most of us anyways. But then again, I drive past cow and horse pastures to and from work every day, so the sight of humongous pairs of balls and worse makes anything that a firefighter could produce seem pretty insignificant.
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