Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dirty arms dealers

"According to criminal complaints, the two men began negotiating in April 2009 to buy 300 stolen automatic weapons from FBI undercover agents and police officers. In addition, Hamayel sought to purchase grenades, improvised explosive devices, remote-controlled detonators and C-4 plastic explosive, the complaints said."
One would think that a Palestinian Authority militant would have plenty of places besides Miami to obtain automatic weapons. Thinking about it though, why not just buy all this stuff for basically nothing at a gun show in Texas like the Mexican cartels do? No background checks for C-4 at a gun show, so there's no risk when purchasing them there, and grenades are finally back in stock after the great ammo rush of 2009! The Feds can't say a thing when you show them your receipt!

H/T Ace
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