Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In the murders of four, maybe five innocent people, who do you think did the disgusting deed?

Was it Miss Scarlett with a candlestick? Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe? Was it Jason Thomas Scott, with an almost two decades long record of violence and mayhem? I dunno, I dunno. . . .that's a tough one.

Meethinks it was Scott; that's just my simple minded opinion though, based on what limited deductive reasoning my simple little mind is capable of.

ABC News weighs in with The Stupid:
If he is a serial killer, the new question facing investigators is whether they caught him at the start of his reign of terror or whether there many more victims to be found.
Uuuummm, it seems to me that he had been caught and released many times "at the start of his reign of terror", as he has an extensive criminal history starting at age TEN! TEN! HE WAS TEN!! Didn't some law enforcement creature at some moment in time actually take his oath into consideration and say out loud "Lookey here! Puff the magic laptop says that this fruitbat has a proclivity for hurting people that don't deserve hurting. Perhaps we should do society a favor and lock this piece of shit up for the rest of his life so we don't see his face on the news or his name on a docket for gunning down families in their homes." It would seem though that there are too many absent minded officials these days who can't combine simple fucking logic with their oath and their blue pen.

So the real question is what dumb ass signed off on his release the last like six times? Who actually looked at all his violent criminal accomplishments in his record jacket, and then said "hell, he deserves a ninth chance," and then put blue pen to paper and loosed him back into the free world so he could murder these wonderful people? Why isn't their face on the news next to this scumbag? Why isn't their name on the indictment next to Scott's? I want to see it! Do they not deserve to be there? Are they not just as guilty? How many of these sworn public officials were instrumental in this guys last release?

Jointly and severally, they are all responsible.

I just can't understand what in the hell is going on. We give lawmakers an office with a mahogany desk and a computer so that they can conjure up the largest scumbag-charging statutory web that humankind has ever allowed; we buy cops body armor, assault thingies, and police cruisers so that they can catch the scumbags or at least gun them down where they stand; we give prosecutors and judges public immunity so that they can boldly cast as many statutory stones at the scumbags as they can; we pay the finest engineers to build massive disciplinary structures to safely warehouse the scumbags out of range of society's eye, and we staff them with badged folks who are empowered to control every aspect of the scumbags life when they get there. So tell me, why is it that hyper violent scumbags are not hung the fuck up in an eternal mess that we've built just for this purpose? Is there some sort of problem that we're not aware of?

Keep. The. Scumbags. Locked. Up. It's that easy. Just stop letting them out.


Aaron said...

I thought of you when I read this, another preventable, asinine gun accident:

Mike W. said...

I know this is a serious incident, but I can't help but laugh at your Clue reference.