Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What was old is new again

I got my Suunto watch back yesterday. Truth be told, Suunto had the watch fixed and back out the door in about a days time, which is awesome; the reason I got it back yesterday is because FedEx took their sweet ass time during delivery. Looking back, I dropped the watch into the package on Thursday the 24th, Suunto emailed me about the price to fix it on the following Monday, and had it in the mail on Tuesday. That's fast.

I did have to pay $55 for the service since the watch was well out of warranty, but for my troubles I basically got a brand new watch. They replaced the case, the face, and the bezel; I also got a new set of D-rings - I had ordered these with the crappy velcro strap about a year ago and used them with a Zulu strap which I highly recommend. The crappy rubber strap that came with the watch rotted off, so it needed a high quality replacement.

Let's recap.

Here is what I sent:

And here is what they returned:

I didn't buy this watch to wear to the Prom; I bought it to withstand the harshest environments on the planet, which it has. After four years of abuse, it looked like it was flogged with a sock full of nickels, and now it looks cool again.

I'd say that Suunto makes a great product and stands behind it. Good on em'.

Now I want to buy more of their stuff! See how that works!


Tam said...

Suunto crams so much cool gadgetry into their gizmos that it's almost enough to make me overcome my loathing of honkin' big wristwatches... :D

Unknown said...

They have cool gadgetry in smaller(ish) watches too!