Thursday, July 22, 2010

That man shot Jesus!!

No, really.

Obviously compensating for a small penis, this man shot a violent gangbanger to death in his home. I'm glad all the non-scumbag people survived the ordeal. I couldn't imagine. Sucks though that his son got shot and locked up.

I hate the "make my day" crap the media perpetuates. If anyone is compensating for anything, it's them.

Seriously though, doesn't that old man look mean as hell? Why type of moron would try to break down his door?


TCK said...

Well, I agree with that there's a clear anti-self-defense bias in most of the media, but I'm also pretty sure the Colorado legislature actually called it the "Make My Day" law when they wrote it up.

Unknown said...

I guess you can count on Colorado to avoid being all politically correct, and instead just come out with it. I think it's cool that they invoked Clint Eastwood with the legislation, I just hate it when the media tries their hardest to smear everything.