Thursday, July 29, 2010

Only you can prevent spear gun violence

The teens told investigators that Connar and a friend were being dragged behind the boat while holding on to separate rope lines when Connar was struck by his friend's spear gun in the upper chest.
Yeah, officer, seriously, it totally was an accident that I shot a spear gun off the back of the boat striking my friend center mass. Honestly, and no, I'm not high on freon right now, and haven't had anything to drink but soda. Just soda sir.

I mean, I guess anything could happen these days, but who here really thinks that some joyriding teen bumped an errant spear gun laying on the deck and it just happened to fly aft of the boat and hit a teen on a rope flailing about in the water? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

This appears to be another senseless spear gun violence incident triggered by that devil's elixir, Zima, and could have been completely avoided if we simply registered spear guns or just ban them altogether, license boaters just like we do with sex offenders, and brought back prohibition. If you're against this clever plan, than you are only advocating for unsupervised teens to get wasted while operating a vessel at high speeds on the water with a high caliber spear gun in their hands.

Where's your common sense?

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