Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is my pillcase; there are many like it but this one is mine

So there's a new gal in my life. Her name is Ana. . . . Anaphylaxis. She randomly visits me every month or so while I'm hammering down a chicken salad sandwich like it's the last one on the planet, and I've been getting concerned at her aggressiveness.

To counter the aggression, I have some sort of magic pill to take that's supposed to make the bad thing stop, and just in case that doesn't work, I have also been given epinephrine injectors to carry around for the rest of my life. Lovin it.

Since I'm having issues remembering to carry all this cool medical goodness, I have been looking at ways of convenient EDC transport; and because I can't seem to buy something unless it will help me in the wake of a post zombie-penguin apocalypse, I usually go for the multi-purpose equipment. I'm also a sucker if the word "tactical" comes up anywhere in the description of the item, because we all know tactical stuff cuts through the BS and gets the mission accomplished.

Enter the ESEE Fire Kit, cos' you never know when you will have to set a zombie-penguin horde ablaze in Vietnamish typhoon after waking up from anaphylactic shock! Also, it has enough ass to hold the humongous pill capsules that I have to carry around to keep Ana at bay, and also a compass so that I can find my way back to the Mi-171 with the rest of the operators:

I had to cut those suckers down just to get them to fit; and seriously, this was the only thing I found large enough to take them, so it was the only option that I'm aware of. Adding a Nite Eyes carabiner to it lets me put it on my keychain with the rest of the stuff that I'll never need. While I was ordering the ESEE Fire Kit, I also picked up one of the highly regarded ESEE Izula knives because. . . .well, who doesn't need another neck knife, right? Every self respecting corporate yahoo like me needs at least two of them, so there it is. BLAM!

I have a Cold Steel Spike necker already, and it's a really affordable knife that is probably impossible to destroy:

It's a bit longer than the Izula, and the blade is super thick, but it isn't as wide. The Izula is built to last lifetimes, and is an ideal blade to use to create your own civilization after the zombies destroy the one we currently have. I envision the Spike as a good blade to silently get in between the vertebrae of the zombie sentry barring access to Piggly Wiggly, but not so much for building the island hamlet of your dreams.

As for the two massive auto injectors that I'm supposed to have close at hand whenever I eat, which is pretty much at all times, I have no idea how to practically EDC it. I'm betting that they would carry smartly in a AR15 magazine pouch, which pretty much every American wears on their belt in public to keep their carbine topped off. So I probably wouldn't stand out, right? Who would notice?

And before you say it, I already have one of Maxpeditions man-purses, and it's good to go. My wife loathes the thing, so it's a no go for public carry. Truthfully, I'd rather keep them in the truck, but the heat will destroy them, and if they froze, well, than I'd just get a nasty needle stick without the good stuff. No joy. I'll figure something out though, and until then, I have magic pills in my fire starter pill case! Yay!


Aaron said...

great kit, great pix, and your venomously humorous writing style still kicks ass!

mike's spot said...

neck cord to carry the cases? sounds silly, but ankle holster? if your belt is like mine, any more shit on it and you'll need to use a duty belt with keepers.

Unknown said...

Yeah, my belt is like Batman's. When you're a walking talking survival store, that's the price ya have to pay, right?