Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking of weapon reliability

It looks like the little punk that shot at his teacher with a rifle at the Northern Virginia Community College didn't know how to use it. Armed Canadian has a rundown on why the shooting isn't getting wall-to-wall media coverage.

This might start a flame war, but all firearms are capable of jamming at some point, and if you shoot them enough they surely will. The young scumbag was using a bolt action 30.06 rifle without an optic, which is the epitome of simplicity when we're talking about guns, and it still jammed. I've jammed just about every bolt action, as well as pretty much any other type of gun that I've ever owned, and that is because if you shoot them a lot they will eventually malfunction. Man made things always do. Learning to overcome jams may just save your life, and can only be accomplished with practice.

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Haji said...

Guns are just machines. Sooner or later machines fail. If you've (the collective "you") never had a firearm malfunction, it's because you don't shoot more than a few hundred rounds a year. Of course, at that level of shooting (blasting, really; no skill is mastered without repetition) all gun brands are the same. Get some rounds through them and you find some things out.