Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The MAC 10 Machine gun menace strikes again

This time in New Jersey where DEA agents find a MAC 10 Machine gun Kel-Tec SUB 2000 semi auto carbine. From the Spike TV show DEA:

Aaahh, fellas. . . .you should probably know that the gun is definitely not a machine gun.

Most law enforcement is not at all familiar with weapons other than the ones that they are issued, and even then they sometimes have problems. I realize that these guys probably don't know or care about the exact details of the gun that they just confiscated, but they do make it a point to throw around the words "MAC 10" and "Machine gun" quite a bit, and the difference is no small potatoes. This guy was probably charged as being in possession of such, and if so than he would have to defend himself against those charges. I don't know NJ firearm law, but federal firearm law is what the DEA is accusing this guy of breaking with that weapon, even going as to tell him that the sentence will be 10 years.

There is also the fact that they caught him with like 40 pounds of pot, and that having a gun in conjunction with pot ups his sentence. I got that. It just makes one wonder what other kind of simple stuff they get wrong, and what the impact of that could be.

I also note that in this episode, these agents pull up next to a guy who had gone into and come out of a store that they were watching, and basically jumped out at him while in plain clothes and took him down. One of the agents didn't have even his badge visible. I shudder to think of something like that happening to me in a case of mistaken identity. What would your reaction be if you were walking down the sidewalk when two cars come to a quick stop next to you and several guys dressed like scumbags come jumping out at you? Scary huh?

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