Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Frisky

Americans do indeed love them some "extra security." Love it. Sure, you can pat me down Mr. TSA man. Make me feel safe sir!

I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks that these new safety precautions for air travel will make them safe is a fucking moron. Really.

At this point I absolutely could not disagree more with the status of airport security. And the question begs to be asked: just how stupid and incompetent does a government employee have to be to get fired for saying something absolutely retarded?

Another question is what exactly is the point of having all these government lists if they do nothing to stop an attack? These are the lists that congress wants to use to ban people from having guns? Lists that are there only because they tie the word "terror" to a name? Perfect! What could possibly go wrong?

This whole system is ass backwards, ineffective, and against all known common sense, to say nothing of the constitutional issues. Unfortunately, there is no turning this ship around. You know it, and I know it. Captain Beautiful is going to do an immediate but somehow thorough eight to twenty month review on transportation security and, absent any fault whatsoever with the creation of the most complicated and asinine security infrastructure known to man, come up with the ingenious idea to throw a boatload of taxpayer money at the problem.


David said...

"The System Worked."

BWWAAAAHAHAHAHA! I just love that quote.

Unknown said...

How that woman is still employed is beyond crazy! If I were that incompetent, I would be fired for it; or at the very least I would get an ass chewing.

I need a government job!