Friday, December 25, 2009

A history of violence

More details emerge from the post office standoff in VA.

No doubt there are some people jumping up and down about Warren Taylor's alleged service in the Marines - which may or may not be true - and correlating it to the Homeland Security memo warning about violent, anti-government, right wing veterans who pose a threat on the country.

What has been confirmed is that Taylor is a bona fide violent psycho that served time for shooting his ex-girlfriend three times while she was on her way to work, while he was wanted for having sex with a child. That he was a free man that had the time to plan and execute an attack on a post office instead of being behind bars for the rest of his life is the direction to be focusing the blame.

Someone who is unstable enough to try their damnedest to kill another human being should not be allowed free. How many times does this lesson have to be demonstrated.

It does not matter whether he is a veteran, right winger, left winger, environmental activist, or a transvestite rodeo clown, he had previously demonstrated that he could not be trusted to be among us in society.

My bet is that we will continue to see proven violent people prey on innocent people for years to come, and that all that was needed to stop such an attack was to simply not let them walk out through the prison gates.

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