Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If you're a terrorist and you know it, stomp your feet!

Every time airline security comes up in the news, I'm reminded of the movie Idiocracy. I didn't like that movie, but it sure does hit the nail on the head when you compare our current security situation with Luke Wilson's character, Joe Bauer, getting released from prison by clueless guards. This morning I'm hearing that they're frisking babies, doing "body searches," telling passengers to "keep their hands visible," and all sorts of other measures that don't make any sense, but are being enforced anyways because the confusion displayed by TSA employees is somehow beneficial because it also confuses terrorists.

I'm waiting with bated breath for TSA to announce their new initiative to make every passenger stomp their feet while rubbing their stomach and patting their head, and then swear an oath on the Koran to not be a terrorist before letting them board.

This is the movie Idiocracy played out in real life. Raise your hand if you're OK with that.

And I can't help but to look on in wonder over how degraded my fellow man's spirit is to not only endure such measures, but to actually embrace them. The public is being told to bring snacks and books to read while standing in long lines in order to "keep calm," and that they need to "be ready for anything."

Does this sound like a free country to you?

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