Monday, December 21, 2009

Some more perspective

I was skimming through pictures on this morning and when I came across the thread about Weapons Seized from Drug Cartels by Mexico's Military and LE, I saw something that I'd like to point out.

Notice the first picture on post #187: those shiny gold thingies that were confiscated from some cartel members are 40mm grenades, the same exact type of grenades that can be seen here on post #8889, third and fifth picture down, in the hands of the Mexican military on their MK19 grenade launchers.

Weird huh? I wonder where the cartels got those grenades from? US gun shows?

If you cruise on through those pictures of the cartels, you'll notice that those grenades appear in lots of photos. There are also hand grenades galore.

I just wanted to keep discrediting the "Mexican drug cartels outgun the Mexican government with guns bought from US gunshows" meme.

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Mose Jefferson said...

Very good eyes. There's no reason to stop beating this dead horse - it could rise up again like a zombie.