Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your definition of "arsenal" may vary

The arsenal in accused gunman Terry Sedlacek's room included two 12-gauge shotguns, a rifle and a box of 550 .22-caliber bullets, according to court documents filed Tuesday.
This ridiculous statement brought to you by the Associated Press!

So three longarms is an arsenal, huh? And I guess this answers all of our questions as to whether the media will make someone out to be a terrorist gun nut for the possession of a box of .22 rimfire.

Why this holds any weight with the story of the gunman who killed a pastor in an Illinois church with a single pistol is anyone's guess. I do note that the gunman's three magazines all held only ten rounds each, showing that the "people shouldn't have high capacity magazines" argument is pretty stupid. Also of note is that Sedlacek's GLOCK pistol jammed, and that he had the audacity to carry out his attack without the proper Firearms Owners Identification Card.


Mike W. said...

A Glock jammed!


And how dare he carry his gun into a church. Everyone knows its illegal to carry a gun in Illinois.

Unknown said...

I know!! The nerve of that guy!!