Friday, March 20, 2009

Bow negligence

A New York man fires his bow at a fence, but the arrow didn't stop in the wood. Instead it kept traveling into a neighbors yard and stopped in a woman's abdomen.

Yeah, ouch.

There are several glaring issues in this article, the first of which is that the man is charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Is bow ownership frowned upon in New York too? Do you have to have a bow license or something? It wouldn't surprise me in the least considering the lunacy of the politicians that run that state.

Second, does an arrow become deadly when it reaches thirty inches in length? It's like Associated Press Writer COLLEEN LONG is trying to overstate the deadliness of the arrow. I mean, it's common sense that people shouldn't have access to arrows of that size. Why does anyone need a full thirty inches? How about twelve?

Third, the offending arrow is made of carbon and aluminum, which should definitely be illegal, except to say that his were only capable of going 300 yards. I heard somewhere that carbon arrows were only designed to kill, and that they may be capable of piercing a 'bulletproof' vest. Aluminum arrows can easily penetrate a car door, so it would have no problem penetrating an engine block. With this breakthrough technology combining the two materials, that arrow should easily be able to punch through light armor, so let's give it a proper label, something along the lines of "anti-armor" or "anti-material" (It must be able to puncture fabric).

Such devices are uncivilized.

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