Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The one sided fight

Hello?!?!? Is there one single solitary journalist who gives one teeny tiny little shit about doing a balanced gun related post?

Associated Press Writer SUZANNE GAMBOA sure doesn't bother. She decides to drum up the tired "US gun shows are supplying guns to Mexico" canard, all the while skewing the facts and overall just writing on one side of the argument.

The caption on the page shows six hand grenades, six rockets, a M72 LAW, and at least one Short Barreled Rifle; none of these are purchased at gunshows without six months of paperwork, and that lying punk Tom Diaz sure as hell can't register any of those in DC. These are real military weapons that so far the media could care less about finding the source of. That would require not only work, but possibly an unbiased opinion; and let's face it, journalists don't really want to risk life and limb discovering that machine guns and RPGs are actually coming from the corrupt Mexican government when it's way easier to just blame it on US firearm laws. Click on the caption to see 40mm grenades, silencers and other such things that are difficult or impossible to get here.

That should be all it takes to discredit this piece, but I will go further because the sixty freaking seconds that it takes to show that Tom Diaz is a liar is just too much for "authorized journalists."

Tom Diaz states that he bought a .50 caliber rifle and had it registered in DC:

Tom Diaz, an analyst at the Violence Policy Center, a gun control group, said cartels use military-style weapons such as the Armalite AR-50, a .50-caliber sniper rifle.

He brought one to a recent congressional hearing — with the help of two police officers — and said he found the weapon on the Internet, bought it for $3,200 from a Maryland "kitchen table" dealer and had it registered in the District of Columbia, all in about six hours.

You can see a picture of it here (picture 38). There's one problem with that: .50 BMG rifles are not authorized for registration, and thus ownership, in DC. I mean, Armalite is not even on the list. So Tom Diaz is a bald faced liar.

There was no mention whatsoever of the discussion on military weapons that went down last week during the Senate Judiciary Committee "Law Enforcement Responses to Mexican Drug Cartels." That's because it refutes a lot of the garbage that we have been hearing about the cartels and their sources for weapon acquisition.

I could go further than that but to tell you the truth I don't care. This is the bullshit that passes as journalism these days. It's a good thing we have "pushy" bloggers to point out all of these biased lies so they don't go unanswered.

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