Thursday, March 5, 2009

A look inside a Gun Free Zone

Paradiso's mother, Debra, stood up and started yelling, leading the judge to call a recess. As jurors filed out, Paradiso left the stand and approached the judge from behind "with an unknown cutting instrument," Konecny said.

Karen McConnell, a county spokeswoman, said witnesses reported seeing Paradiso lift the judge and begin punching and possibly stabbing her when bailiffs ran to her aid and shots rang out.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but prisoners are supposed to be unarmed in court rooms, right? The Deputies were even warned by Paradiso's brother.

If an animal such as this was armed with a "cutting instrument" in such a controlled environment, then what in the world makes anyone think we can ever disarm someone like him while he is free to roam the streets?

The idea of a "Gun Free Zone," or anything of the sort, it just absurd.

Now, raise your hand if you think Paradiso may have just bought himself another year on his oh-so-tough California sentence?

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