Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When seconds count. . .

. . .Police are thirty feet away! That didn't seem to stop the shooting:
THIBODAUX, La. – A man shot at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the rear parking lot of the Thibodaux Police Department on Saturday night, according to police.
And by "shot at . . .her new boyfriend," they really meant to say that Motton's bullets hit him - as in shot.

But everything is OK folks; detectives were able to confirm that there had been a shooting. No doubt the guy bleeding out from the bullet hole in his leg in the parking lot was used to ascertain this undeniable truth. My point is that despite the fact that this went down at a freaking police station, the gunman still managed to shoot the boyfriend, and could have killed both of them afterwords, but instead chose to run off. Only by Motton's mercy did these two survive, and not by the actions of police.

This is not to say that the cops were incompetent, but it does point out that they cannot reliably respond to an immediate threat to your life, no matter how close they are to the attack.

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