Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I got 99 parts but a gas tube ain't one

My AR parts arrived from Brownell's yesterday, but the gas tube that I ordered elsewhere did not.  I'm not kidding you when I say that there's an all out run on gun parts right now; just browse Brownell's, MidwayUSA, or Bravo Company and you will see that everything is in the red.  Too bad I still need a bolt carrier.  Last night I started fiddling with this build, but it was against the will of my two youngest sons who screamed at my feet the whole time.  All I got done on it was the installation of the forward assist, and I also reminded myself why you shouldn't coat the barrel with anything before you assemble it: the gas block was essentially painted on, so I had to do a little sanding and tapping with hammer and block of wood to get it off.  I took a teaser pic, but forgot to upload it to my Photobucket account this morning.  I'll see if the wife will upload it for me and I'll post it at lunch.

***Update: The daggone gas tube is in Washington!!  UPS really screwed me on this one.  On their tracking system it says that it should be here by the 21st, which will be eleven days after I ordered it, and having worked for UPS in my youth I can expect it to be bent when I get it.  I'm going to try to find one elsewhere in the meantime.  Ridiculous.

***Update:  A dear friend is bird-dogging a carbine length gas tube for me this week; failing that, he may be able to find one at the Richmond gun show this weekend.  I've been doing more intensive research on an appropriate optic for this beasty, and I've narrowed it down to two choices: an Aimpoint PRO or Burris MTAC.  The Aimpoint comes with a mount, and would be great for 300 yards or closer shooting.  The MTAC is a 1x4 power scope, and would give me slightly lesser close range speed but give me range out to 500 yards.  I have a 30mm Bobro mount already, so that is also tipping me towards the MTAC.  However, I'm not kicking in doors for a living, so any speed gained by the Aimpoint is kinda moot, but I have to consider that I already have a carbine AR that shoots tight out to 500 yards and beyond, and the whole premise behind this build is for a fighting rifle that I can practice with.  I'll make a choice here soon enough.  Until then, some teaser pics:

The lower in the bottom pic is from the little-AR-from-DPMS. Its green motif doesn't match the dark lord operator earth or whatever color it's called, but considering this upper is a mutt I find it a good match. I'll build the lower before too long that will match.  And no, the muzzle pointing at General Patton's head in the picture on the mousepad was a total accident.  Sorry Sir!!
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