Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday morning roundup

The disaster on our border is getting worse. Why stories like this don't make national news is anyone's guess. This is the first I've heard about the Minutemen breaking up, which is interesting considering their exemplary record of avoiding a shooting, but especially alarming considering that this article says they broke up basically because they know that it's going to happen at any given moment due to the situation there. Scary. **Nothing about a breakup on their website.

Criminals often chose "safe" neighborhoods; these gunman chose a Fairfax county home. Fairfax is getting a lot of attention these days.

Just because our advanced society has a safety net, doesn't mean that that safety net can't fail. Do note that the fire chief says that 911 calls were still taken, but that doesn't mean squat if nobody can respond. Always have a plan B.

Why would anyone neeeeeed a gun in a classroom? Someone should have put up a "Gun Free Zone" sign.

Is it me, or are jails and prisons these days not very good at keeping people in? This is the second story like this that I've heard of recently. Stop letting crazies walk out the front door.

This is a better way for politicians to handle their issues than countless statutes and regulations.

Whoa!! A while back I posted about a DC man who was arrested for indecent exposure when a woman on a street complained that she could see that he was naked; well, he's still fighting this charge, and there's more to the story:
Williamson describes the day in October when police showed up at his home while he was sleeping.

"You wake up, roll over, you have guns out in your face. Yes, it's shocking it's almost like a home invasion-- like robbery, except they have uniforms on. I just put my hands straight up. And did exactly what I was told to do. They asked me for an ID. What am I doing here? I live here. What are you doing here?" Williamson said.

Ummm, it is a home invasion! Where do these cops think they have the authority to just come into that mans house?

An officer testified they had guns drawn "just in case we encountered a hostile individual...could have been a burglar."
Uh huh. Sure buddy.
Police are fulfilling their function as a "community caretaker"-- checking to make sure no one inside the house needed help.
Raise your hand if you think this is a good idea. I don't care how much you luvs the cops because your uncles dad was a cop and he was cool n' stuff; cops can serve a legitimate purpose, but they are ultimately armed strangers. Not only that, but there is a procedure for entry into a person's home, and that does not entail just wandering in and sticking a gun in their face. Painting them as "community caretaker[s]" is perhaps the most dangerous idea I have heard of in my time.


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