Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No. Way.

Seriously? The CIA may have experimented with chemical agents on people? I am both shocked and outraged at the same time.
"People were starting to hit each other, people were insulting one another, people were screaming. It was very serious," Paul Pages, who was 26 years old at the time, told ABC News. "There was a young guy who jumped out of a hospital window after screaming 'Look, I'm a dragonfly'. He broke both of his legs," Pages remembered. "The postman was also seen zigzagging on his bike. He eventually fell. He had lost his reason."
What would give anyone get the idea that the US government would be so reckless as to test chemical warfare agents on unsuspecting people? That just can't possibly be. Stupid people and their stupid conspiracy theories.

The more reasonable explanation is that this was the work of the Illuminati trying to make it seeeeeeem like it was the US in an effort to draw the French into a war that would bring untold profits to several secretive elites hell bent on enslaving the poor. Or, the CIA may have just been testing chemicals on the French. Your call.
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