Wednesday, March 31, 2010

About those crazy militia men

The news is awash over the nine crazies that decided to make a preemptive strike against law enforcement. No doubt, the feds took quick and decisive action without a shot fired. I'll sleep better knowing that they're in jail.

What I find to be disgusting, but not at all shocking, is that the media is having a field day smearing militias and Christians over this one incident. The linked piece even shows the Minutemen that I talked about yesterday, which are not at all violent and haven't been involved in the first shooting. Christians make up like 80 percent of the US population - hundreds of millions of people - and all of a sudden nine people in a violent group represent all of them?

Simply disgusting, and just what I would expect to hear in the news.

What the media doesn't give a moments focus on is the prolific urban militia that murder people every single day. Last night in DC, ten people were shot by these types from a moving vehicle: four of them died. The rhetoric is all about the "AK47 type weapon" and "guns and violence," ad nauseum.

Where is the journalistic angst towards the perpetrators of this type of violence? Not a single solitary word about the trigger pullers, just harsh words about the type of trigger. That's all that matters. If only there were more laws, then gang bangers wouldn't do drive bys. It's common sense and all.

What I'm saying here is that nine self described Christians plan a horrific murder, fortunately a rarity, and it gets a week worth of front page play, but when several young criminals actually carry out a horrific murder, a day to day event, the talk goes to the NRA and how we need gun laws - nowhere near to the heart of the matter.

To be quite frank, one doesn't have to think too hard to come up with a visualization of the shooters in DC last night. I would bet a shiny paycheck or two it wasn't rural country boys wearing face paint and momma's rosary. When their faces come to light, you can count on the discussion to continue to head elsewhere, and not on the facts of the matter. At some point, the discussion has got to happen. Pay now or pay later, but at some point you have to pay.
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