Friday, March 5, 2010

Back on the streets

In case you were not aware, DC is planning on re-arming a detective who pulled his gun on a crowd of DC citizens.

Now, to be fair, these folks were massacring each other with projectiles handmade from wadded up snowflakes. That's a danger to society right there. Since these citizens were obviously a deadly threat to be dealt with immediately, one can't help but to justify him pulling out and threatening them with the very gun that they paid for with their own money. Makes perfect sense.

Tell me, would you trust this cop to save your life? Would you hesitate to call him to come into your house, armed, knowing what you know about him? How would you feel if he - acting under color of law - showed up on your doorstep with a warrant to search your house?

I wouldn't trust him in my house, near my kids. Not with him clearly showing how irresponsible he is with the authority trusted to him by the population.

The consideration of his image in public, and the confidence of public trust, should be first and foremost in the decision of whether it's a "termination offense." Not his career as a detective.
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