Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enough with the signs! We need Gun Free Zone force fields!

"Brandy Finley and her mother are outraged that a 11-year-old was able to pull out a BB gun on her daughter."
This article is mainly a bunch of gibberish quotes that don't make sense, but this one sentence sums up the entire "Gun Free Zone" mantra.

The question here is how was an 11-year old able to pull out a BB gun. The fact that the kid was 11 is irrelevant; how is anyone - an 11 year old; 19 year old; diabetic gay rodeo clown - ABLE to pull a gun in a school. Read the comments: "How did an eleven year old get out of the house with a gun??"

The answer: who cares! The kid got out of the house with a gun because he planned on getting out of the house with a gun. There is no mechanism to stop any crazy mo-fo from acquiring firearms, leaving their house with them, and walking into a school with them. None. At least at places like federal buildings and courthouses, there's usually an overweight security guard that provides some type of controlled access, but nine times out of ten it's theater security.

The better question to be asked is: what needs to be done to immediately stop an armed attacker in a school? Immediately stop - not stop in six minutes, or even two minutes, but immediately. The problem is, nobody wants to consider the answer.

The current answer is to keep branding places "Gun Free Zones," as if the sign in the parking lot is a magic talisman that will keep the crazies out. It doesn't work that way.

There is always the argument that laws like the Gun Free School Zones Act needs to be in place to provide a way to prosecute kids who bring guns to school. That logic is wrong on its face considering that, for one, murder is illegal, and there are robust laws in place for that, and two, conspiracy to commit murder is also illegal, and again, there are laws for that as well. And on top of that, catching a student who is planning a mass school shooting is the ounce of prevention that is needed; the current pound of cure is rarely, if ever, there on time. That is a fact.

Last I heard, Texas was experimenting around with a non-PC plan to immediately stop an attack, and that the bloodshed has mercifully not happened.

One thing is for sure, these silly laws will not stop an attack because the people who are committed to the attack have nothing to lose. They are ready, willing, and ABLE to follow their plans through.
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