Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Speaking of self serving politicians. . .

Professional douchebag Marion Barry has finally received the most minimal punishment imaginable for being a thieving, oppressive, tyrannical scumbag.

You want to know why this lunatic has served in public office for forty years? Because clueless people actually think that he cares about them, and deserves to stay in office. Here is a comment from your typical Marion Barry voter:
"i know that white people are happy i sad for barry but i know he care for black people but i think it time for him to step aside we are tired of him getting into troubleover and over but i love him for what he has done"

Yeah, he cares so much about black people that he'll gladly take $15,000 of your money and give it to his girlfriend, or he'll piss away millions on earmarks to corrupt organizations, or waste untold millions of taxpayer dollars in court costs because he stonewalls every investigation into those earmarks he gives, or the hookers he's with, or the drugs that he does, and a ton of other stuff that he's done on the public dime. Oh, and what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander, because he dodges the very taxes that your dumb ass has to pay out to keep his lifestyle going.

So go ahead and love him for everything he's done for you. Just know that because of your ignorance, you and the morons just like you are screwing everyone else over.

I'm absolutely convinced that people like this are the ones ensuring that these corrupt bastards get a constant revenue stream and a paycheck, and not the minority of smart, sensible people that live in the district.

And to think that y'all are begging for federal representation!
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