Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little beauties

Last night I got done with my first full batch of 45 ACP.

Putting each one together is like watching a child grow.

I'm so proud!!!

I am going to mass produce ammo like never before. Just the thought of being able to shoot my 1911 lifts my spirits.

.380 ACP is next; the mold should be here today. Now I just need some time.

Something someone mentioned to me the other day though when I said that five gallon buckets of dirt hung from trees make awesome animated targets, he said that that was a "green" way to shoot, as I wouldn't be putting lead into the environment. I guess so! I'm goin greeeeeen man!!

It's also a good way to save lead. Not that I'm that stingy; wheel weights cost very little, and the amount of bullets that can be made from one bucket of them is amazing. However, it sure would be easier to re-melt lead bullets than to melt wheel weights with the metal clips. I'm gonna make this lead last.
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