Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another assault with a deadly assault thingy

A very highly trained police officer injured an innocent when he used his patrol assault thingy inappropriately.

I do point out that this is the second example in recent history where an innocent was injured with one of these Assault Utility Vehicles (there is nothing "Sporting" about them). Their big knobby tires are only designed for one purpose, and that is to shred stuff like mud, sand, baby harp seals, and innocents. And who really neeeeeeds four wheel drive?

Something not quite covered in detail is whether the suspicious "child" acting in a such reckless manner as to distract a very highly trained police officer operating a 5,000 lb Assault Utility Vehicle on a crowded beach was close to the age of consent, and happened to be wearing the minimal amount of clothing as required by law.

These crucial details may help further exonerate the officer from blame, so that Daytona Beach Citizens can go about sunbathing without fear.
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